VisRec JSR #381 Status Meeting Minutes - Jan 7, 2020

Frank Greco

VisRec JSR #381 Status Meeting Minutes - Jan 7, 2020

  • Zoran updated the JCP page for our JSR
  • Two last items need to be completed before the release
    • BinaryClassifier - Zoran and Kevin will work on this for next week
    • Last 2 examples in Getting Started doc need to be completed
  • An Evaluator interface and API are important components for VisRec, but we decided to add them in the 1.1 release.  Zoran estimates it will take no more than 10 days to complete.
  • Frank reported no update on Amazon's Expert Group membership.
  • BinaryClassifier and TCK completion
  • Last 2 examples in the Getting Started doc
  • Frank will contact Harold to get status of Frank Liu (Amazon) on EG

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