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Wendy Hymes

News from Diane Nelson at Visually Impaired PreSchool Support:

VIPS. We are having to watch every penny for a bit as you completely understand.  Our teachers are seeing children virtually for the first time (we have had limited test clients) and we just receiving notice Friday that First Steps in Kentucky and Indiana will be paying us for those visits.  We have been trying to make this possible for a very long time so lets hope the data after this all is over with will prove our case.  They are only reimbursing at a 75% our current rate but we don’ t have to travel or spend time in the car.  We think this is a way forward to grow capacity without growing budget.  Our center based programs are using Zoom to meet as a class and even though attendance is down, it is so exciting to watch education continue.  Teachers are also jointly presenting schedules across all classes using DoJo so they don’t get bored just with their teacher. Lets just hope satellites hang in to support all this great technology.  At this time, we have not let anyone go and hope we find funding or support to continue until things return to a new normal. 


We are pushing forward.  My best to you guys an hope this bit of great news boosts your day.