[TECH] Wiki Administration

Winfried Schrödter

Hello Jonathan, hello Carlos,
since I entered Vexillium again, I uploaded several files which should not be there any more. The same applies to test pages I made. But while I can create as much as I like, I can't delete, lacking certain user rights. I understand that you can't do this because you have retired for a while.
My aim today is not to make you work but to lighten your workload. I'd tidy up those files all by myself if I became a "Content Moderator" or got the right "delete". I have two own wikis (not at fandom.com, though), so I'll know what I am doing and what I shouldn't do.
Over and above this, I would like to test scripts for Estontetso pages or change CSS styles for Esto or the whole wiki (I have some ideas). For this, however, I need to be an "Admin" or get the right "editsiteconfig".
I hope that you approve. Additionally, such appointment should be backed by the whole group.