[off-topic] [IRL] Kemedal à jour

Mike Ham

On 2022-10-24 05:04, Cacá Melo wrote:
Hi you guys. Yep, not dead, still here. Just busy reporting on
whether Brazil is going back to become a somewhat functional
democracy again in a week or so, or if we'll continue a downward
spiral into a military-theocratic hellhole.
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! "Somewhat functional democracy" wins in Brazil! No longer a "military-theocratic hellhole"!!!

I do not anticipate a reply for a week or more. Anyone remember how long alcohol poisoning and celebratorily-screaming-oneself-hoarse take to to heal?

Oh ... yeah, Carlos can tell us in a few days. ;)

tl;dr Congratz, dude, on no longer having to fear random arrest. Hopefully he doesn't attempt to stage a self-coup like someone else I could mention.

(This email was sent on Tuesday, but my email is f**king up, so it went literally nowhere.)