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  • All the postings are available to the public in the archive of messages, with links shown at the bottom of this page, except email addresses are usually automatically redacted.
  • Attachments to email messages are available to the public and email addresses in the file are not redacted.
  • Our plan is free and messages that are many years old will be removed from the archive.
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  • Slack group postings are available only to subscribers, not the public.
  • Your name and email address are available only to subscribers.
  • Again, email addresses typed into the body of messages are emailed to subscribers, but are usually automatically redacted from the archive.
  • The Wiki and Files are available only to subscribers who log into the website.  The Wiki page has some links to videos about some of our amateur radio shacks.  The Files section has minutes of meetings of the club, which subscribers may read, even if they are not members of the club.
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  • Again, the Slack postings are available only to the subscribers, not the public.
  • Please wait one hour after joining to allow your email address to synchronize with the Slack group.
  • All subscribers are in, but to use the Slack group, you also need to sign into Slack with your email address, in a web browser or an app on a smart phone or a desktop.
  • Post in the channels, such as #hf-dx, #swapshop, #repeaters, #satellites, #contests, #awards, #rac, #general, #events, #random, or #administration.
  • Avoid using direct messages because they erode the 10,000 message limit in our free plan; messages beyond the most recent 10,000 are not available.  Also, we want new subscribers, members and students to be able to read your messages.
  • There is a channel called #members-only which is available only to members who paid the annual dues.  This channel contains information which should only be shared with club members, such as a membership list which contains names, call signs. email addresses, phone numbers and interests.  On August 1, the number of members of this channel is reset to zero.

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