Paulin Saguaro on Broadway

Cook, Alexander G - (agcook)

Will the Broadway widening project take the old saguaro located at Broadway and Plummer?  It's the last vestige of Paulin Motors that was on that location for what seemed like forever.
I did a quick search and one site said there were electrical plans for a dealership dated December of 1956.  I know it's difficult, if not impossible, to move mature saguaro cacti but it'll be
sad to see it go.  My dad owned 3 Cadillacs from 1957 when he retired from the Army until he passed in 1989 - all were sold and serviced at Paulin's. 

The old Paulin sign was a lighted "spikey" sphere that looked like a star - it was divided in half horizontally and the two halves spun in opposite directions.  Tucson used to have a columnist,
Don Schellie, who wrote for the Citizen and he wrote about the little interesting stories of Tucson.  I remember one story where he wrote about how the transaxle from a WWII surplus jeep
found in Nogales was used to construct that sign. 

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