Real Healthy 3 Ingredient 5-min Frozen Yogurt


Real Healthy 3 Ingredient 5-min Frozen Yogurt


Prep time -


Cook time 5 min


Total time 5 min



My kids love frozen treats, especially in the summer. There's a frozen yogurt place just a few minutes from our house that serves up cold, refreshing soft-serve


yogurt in a variety of flavors. While I'm all about the occasional treat, the thought of how much sugar is in that soft-serve yogurt does make me a little





So I came up with this FAST, HIGH-PROTEIN, LOW SUGAR frozen yogurt recipe.



It was clear that this recipe passed the kid-test with flying colors when I looked over and saw bowls being licked after the yogurt had been eaten! They


are now excited to make this recipe again and I have the perfect reason for us NOT to go out for sugary frozen yogurt.



The protein that I used in this recipe is my favorite vanilla flavored protein. With a name like Frosted Vanilla Cake you know it's gonna taste great! It's


part of our FBBC Approved super-clean, no-artificial sweeteners line of products to support our fit and healthy lifestyle.



You could certainly make this recipe using whatever vanilla protein powder you have on hand, though do know that the quality of the protein will have an


effect on the flavor of your frozen yogurt. Use one that's really tasty!





2 cups Non-Fat Plain Greek Yogurt (or dairy-free yogurt)






10 ounces frozen strawberries






2 scoops


vanilla protein powder












Divide the Greek yogurt into 2 ziplock bags and store in the freezer overnight, or for a minimum of an hour.






Remove the yogurt from the freezer and, while it's still in the bags, break into pieces. If it's really solid then place in the fridge for 10 minutes and


then break it into pieces.






Place the frozen strawberries in a food processor and pulse to chop. Add the protein powder and frozen yogurt and blend until creamy.






Serve immediately! Garnish with fresh strawberries and enjoy!






Calories: 138


Fat: 0g


Carbohydrates: 12g


Sodium: 95mg


Fiber: 2g


Protein: 23g


Sugar: 7g









If you don't eat dairy then feel free to use a dairy-free yogurt replacement.


(From Santa’s Workshop (Jan))