[SD 23827.16] Personal Log -- Lt. Ardeshir -- "Curious"


=/\=  USS Artemis, Deck 2 - Personal Quarters  =/\=

  The lights in the central area of the quarters had been dimmed heavily, though a few sources of brighter illumination still stood at one corner of the room, as well as those around the perimeter of the mirror over the sink.  Even the more yellow idle light of the replicator seemed to carry more presence when surrounded by the unusual darkness.  At a low table, Ashlyn was sitting on her shins, feet tucked beneath her backside while she kept her hands flat on the top of the placement, a small set of smooth stones crested by small candles burning gently in front of her.  She was in meditation.

  At least, that's what she kept telling herself.

  The woman opened her eyes slowly, and though her expression didn't move from it's placid state, her irises showed nothing short of annoyance in their reflection of the candlelight.  She had practiced one side of her family's ways for much of her life, but the more energetic and restless human blood in her veins didn't make that pursuit easy by any stretch.  Taking a moment to bring her mind back to her quarters more fully, she smirked as she looked at her sparse, but clearly split decorating tastes.  For every smooth, geometric, and simple line of logic that she placed effort into making a show of, there was an old human marking, symbol, or ancient weapon - even a painting depicting a Goddess from a long ceased culture from Earth that made her remember that she was as much one thing as the other.  Shaking her head, and deciding that her mind was as clear as it may get during her downtime, she stood and began moving for the doorway.  Perhaps a drink and a little people watching might settle her nerves.

=/\  USS Artemis, Lounge  =/\=

  Stepping into the lounge, the Chief furrowed her brow for a moment and realized that she was still fairly dressed down.  It was conservative for casual clothing, but she wasn't used to actually making full use of 'not being on duty'.  Even now, she had begun to wonder what the results of the metallurgy and energy scans of the fragments that they had brought up from the away mission would tell them.  She knew that she would need to prepare a report for the other senior officers, and the Captain, but waiting for time to simply pass wouldn't make the task come any more quickly.  Straightening herself quickly, she walked up to the bar and ordered a small glass of an amber coloured drink, then moved to a seat by the larger windows of the area.  Smirking for another quick moment, she wondered what about this view was really any different from any other viewing place on the ship.

  Bringing the glass to her lips she tasted the beverage, watching a few officers enter the lounge together and laughing about some reading or some quirk that had likely happened to them during their shift.  Curiosity stuck a mark on her face as she continued to observe them - not even so much paying attention to anything that they may be saying, but simply looking at how they moved, or spoke, or reacted to one another as they cracked a joke, or talked about wanting to spend time doing one thing or the other at the next opportunity.  Suddenly, the vulcan-woman arched a slender brow and smiled with an amused thought.   

  "I wonder if Artemis thinks about these kind of things?  ...A curious possibility.", she mused over the rim of her glass before taking a longer sip.  "I'll have to ask her tomorrow."

=/\  End Long  =/\=