[SD 23827.16] Duty Log -- Lt. Ardeshir -- "Sifting questions"


=/\=  USS Artemis, Main Engineering  =/\=

  The Chief walked in to the main bay with her usual, even expression.  However, when she came to the center of the area and called in several of the on-duty officers, she began her 'shift speech' with a bit more intent than had been becoming normal.  "It looks like a crash site has been located...", she began, then looked at a few of the others.  "...people have been assigned to begin making sense of the situation, and a few of us will be going as well.  Ensigns Yra and Maar, you'll be with me today."

  The two engineers looked at the Chief in surprise before quickly coming to attention.  'Yes, Ma'am.', they replied, as another officer asked after the short opening afterward in the talk.  'Do we know anything yet, Sir?'

  Ashlyn shook her head.  "Mm.  Some MACO teams are probably down there already, sussing threat and situational details out.  Beyond that, we know that we found a ship, and...that's about it.  We'll be looking for energy readings, material analysis, that sort of thing.  We'll need to put some sort of picture together that'll help the ship figure out what we're dealing with, and hopefully, how to go about whatever is next."

  'Aye aye, Ma'am.', a few of them responded with a nod or little motion.

  "The rest of you, begin setting up some analysis readouts on stations three and four.  Let's also see if we can assist with power allocation beyond standard computer settings...if the Captain or anyone else needs something unique from the sensors or probes...even the transporters, we should be ready.  I don't know that we'll be away past change of shift, but should that happen, we'll handle passing on all of our info to the beta crew when they come in.", she finished her orders before smiling softly to the group and nodding once.  After gathering her tricorder and a few things, she and her ensigns made their way out of Engineering toward the nearest transporter room.

=/\=  Dhogos, Crash Site  =/\=

  Soft waves of energy and light swirled through her vision before her body fully materialized.  After a quick breath, the engineer reached to her hip and drew her tricorder to begin scanning, as she noted the change in the taste of the air.  Her two ensigns were close, but already moving away in different directions, and the soft, muted 'clank' of each of their footsteps helped solidify that they were in some part of a derelict, and grounded, ship - spots of dirt or other material littered the area around them.

  "Let's get started.  Don't get too separated from either of the other two...there are...", she blinked as she saw a MACO move by, she and they nodding to one another before they continued their own exploratory patrol.  "...other officers here, so let's try to also stay out of their way.  We'll limit ourselves to the areas right around here for now.", she half-ordered, half thought aloud.  Looking to hard hands, her instrument began giving a better picture of a few trace elements in rarer quantities than other things that were being scanned.  Maar's voice cam from a hole that was present in a wall behind her, confirming what she was also beginning to see.

  'Sir.  Energy levels are...', his sentence was finished by the vulcan woman.  "More or less normal.  Curious.  Yra, what are you seeing?"

  'Nothing important looking on EM frequencies or radiation, but I'm recording anyway, Sir.  The structure looks...odd, though.', her voice mused carefully from some hidden rubble-nook in the other direction.

  "Yeah.", the Lieutenant nodded and began looking around at the walls and ruined parts or equipment that were laying around them in various states of disarray. "Radiation levels are negligible.  There look to be extremely low levels of maybe theta band sources somewhere, but the intensity isn't even high enough to get a precise reading as to where...we're not in any danger.  If it was stronger, it'd either have been almost depleted already, or might have a really short half-life.", she hummed at her tricorder again, then began to look at the hole in one of the walls once again, moving close enough to crouch on a knee and look inside a little more.

  Taking a good several minutes to herself, she prodded and narrowed her eyes at more than a few wires and connected nodes that had been shredded before holding one up to the metal of the wall itself.  Poking at her tricorder, she raised it close to the debris and spoke to the others once again.  "The construction of the ship is bizarre, at least by our standards.  Roughly similar levels of technological advancement in most of the metallurgical aspects and some of the circuitry layout,'s almost like...are either of you two seeing the same kind of thing where you are?"

  'Yes.', the two ensigns shouted or more softly spoke up, but in unison.  

  Sitting back on the padding of her rear, she put an elbow on a raised knee, then began to look at around, simply at the details of the broken rooms around them.  "It's like it's all hodgepodged together.  I wonder how many different styles of technology are all tied into this thing?  ...Maybe they were traders or some kind?"

  'Or scavengers.  You would probably have to cover some real distance to pick all of this up enough to make a ship from.', Yra smirked, but in a concerned way as she spoke. 

  "Mm.  They would have also run into more than a few different other species to gather a variance of parts that we're already seeing.  Meaning, at the very least, that they covered a lot of distance before they crashed.", she looked down at the plating around her feet for a minute in thought.  "Let's see if we can't find some loose bits, only three or four, and gather them together.  Avoid using phasers or cutting tools, but I'd also like to move just outside and get some manageable piece of the outer hull, but I don't want our own energy use to alter the materials in any way that we can help.", she requested as she pulled herself upright and moved back the the hole she had examined and picked the loose node of multi-parted scrap up to chest level, and moved to rejoin the others.  Her team doing similar gathering of various bits, the officers then took several minutes to work their way outside, careful not to injure themselves on as much of the damaged ship as they could, as much as the macabre, scarp-survival architecture of the ship itself.  Finding a piece of dirt-caked plating just a few feet in diameter, they placed it in front of them, along with the other items, as Ashlyn tapped her comm. badge.

  "Engineering Away Team to Artemis.", she spoke.  "Captain Kleim?"

  'Go ahead, Chief.", the Captain's voice responded after a moment.

  "Captain, we've conducted preliminary scans down here on one section of the ship.  We also have small samples of both internal systems, as well as a hull fragment that we'd like to return to the Artemis with, in order to get better scans and information from, with your permission."

  After a long pause, the Captain's voice came back with an assured tone.  'Permission granted.'

  Nodding, she looked to the others as they all moved an even spacing apart from the gathered debris.  "Away team to Artemis.  Three to beam up, along with investigation samples.", her voice carried a smooth tone, and a second later, the figures of all of the engineers faded from view in a wash of transporter energy.

=/\=  USS Artemis, Transporter Room I  =/\=

  Awaiting them just off of the transporter pad, a few other crewmen moved forward and began hauling the pieces onto a few movement trolleys, being followed closely by her ensigns.  Nodding the the group as they left, she raised a brow at the transporter chief, smiling in thanks, and tapped her badge one more time.   "Ardeshir to Engineering.  We've returned, and we're bringing some hull samples to the bay.  Let's get some equipment ready to do some scans, and see if we can't answer a few questions.", she trailed off for a moment and breathed.

  "I'll be there presently."

=/\  End Long  =/\=