SD 238207.09: Duty Log: Cmdrs Terrik and Malone

Kim McLean

=/\= Cmdr Terrik Roan=/\=

Roan understood why the Captain insisted on joining the away team. Chances were high that if Roan was in Kleim's shoes, she would have done the same thing. She'd already briefed the captain on what she'd learned from Sovanae's personnel file. It helped give insight into the woman, but whether that would translate into helping them get more information from her regarding what happened to the ship was an entirely different matter.

After Kleim called the Away teams down, the CO and XO started to explore the colony. They weren't alone, as they still has the Master of Arms with them. One of the away teams was also never very far away. The colony itself looked like something from one of the ancient western movies that were such a part of earth culture. Perhaps it was just the orange hue everything seemed to have because of the dust, but either way, Roan wondered if she might see someone walking around in a cowboy hat.

As the small team walked through the streets, Roan could see people peaking out of windows, but then disappearing whenever she made eye-contact. One little girl was peaking her head out the door of one building, but as they drew near, a woman pulled her back as she cast a frown in their direction. Not a second later, the door slammed shut. "I wonder what they have against outsiders," Roan asked aloud.

=/\= Cmdr Paks Malone=/\=

The briefing for the wing had been brief. Patrols would start as soon as they were in orbit, with Gryphon squad taking the first round of patrols. Each Flight would take a different sector with each element focusing on one part of each sector. As soon as the Artemis was in Orbit, Paks was already climbing into her fighter, as was every other member of her squad. She'd already done her pre-flight checks, and wasted no time getting settled into her jump seat. 

Making last minute adjustments to her helmet, the pilot brought all systems on line, "Listen up, Gryphons. Keep it frosty out there. Keep lines open, and if you see anything out of the ordinary, call it in. As routine as a patrol might seem, I would rather us not be caught off guard." There were a number of grunted acknowledgements, including one from Tinsel, her wingmate. 

"Hey boss. . .how long has it been since you've run a patrol?" The man asked.

Paks smirked, "Not so long as I forget what I'm doing." Before he could counter, she was on coms, "Gryphon 1 to flight control, my bird is full of piss and vinegar and rarin' to go."

"How about you ask permission to launch like a normal pilot?" Came the counter.

"No fun, flight control. You are no fun. Fine. . .Gryphon Zero One asking permission to launch."

"Permission granted. Take catapult one," came the response.

Moving her Ranger into position, Paks watched the flight deck techs, paying close attention to their hand signals. Once they saluted her, she knew everything was ready. "Flight control, Gryphon one is in position and waitin' for green," she called back. 

"Godspeed, Gryphon 1," came the response. Not a split second later, the light on the catapult turned green, and Gryphon 1 was thrust into space. Just as she cleared the Artemis, thrusters came on line and Paks moved her bird out of the way as she waited for the rest of her squad to launch. It didn't take long, and once everyone was airborne, they all seemed to know what to do.

"Keep your eyes and ears sharp, everyone. If you see anything, call it in." Thus began the first official patrol of Paks' return to the Artemis and the Silver Arrows.

Cmdr Terrik Roan
Cmdr Paks Malone