SD 238206.24: Duty Log - Cmdr Paks Malone

Kim McLean

Paks knew she didn’t have unlimited time to sort out what the three squadrons were going to look like. Each passing day meant they were one day closer to leaving Leto, and she wanted the squad assignments sorted before they left port so each squad could work together to get used to flying together. Their time at Leto wasn’t one for relaxation for Paks, but one of back to back shifts until she was happy with the rota.


No one liked briefings at 0800, but it was better then than 0600. The murmurs from the briefing room were not as loud or chaotic as they would have been had she called the briefing for noon, or after lunch. As she stepped up to the podium, the room went quiet. Once again, she scanned the room, her eyes landing on each and every one of her pilots, “Good morning.”


“Good morning!” came the chorus reply.


Paks laughed softly, “Well you all seem alert, at least. Take a look around. Each and every one of you is part of 77th Fighter wing. . .the Silver Arrows. Nearly all of you are brand new to the Artemis. Each of you make up the heart and soul of the Silver Arrows. Before I put up the squadron assignments, I’d’ like to call up Celt and Shorty.”


Celt was hard to miss with her her characteristic smile and energetic personality as she pushed up from her chair near the back and made her way down to the podium. Shorty was equally hard to miss as he stood at nearly 6’6”, despite what his call sign might imply. The man was broad shouldered, and clean cut with a bit of a superhero look about him.

Once they were both alongside Paks, the WCO continued, “Shorty is Squad CO for Fury Squadron, Celt will lead Siren Squadron, and I will lead Gryphon Squadron. With their help, we’ve divided each of you up among the squadrons into flights and elements. Those of you who are fresh out of flight school will find you’ve got a wingmate who has more experience under their wings.


“While you are no longer fighting for your spot in the squadron, it is time to start working with your elements, flights and squadrons to get used to flying with one another. Our sim schedule won’t be quite as demanding, but nor will we have much time to slack. I know this ship, and how she operates. Before we get too comfortable, the Captain is going to tell us we’re about to undock and speed away to our next assignment.


“I want you all to be comfortable flying with each other before that happens. . .or at least get comfortable en route to where ever it might be that our duties take us,” Paks explained. She pushed a button on the podium and brought up the roster for each squadron. “There are your assignments. Each squadron will have individual briefings over the course of today, and sim times will be handed out during those briefings. Until then. . .get some food in you, and get your gear into the right lockers. Let’s keep it tight, Silver Arrows. Dismissed.”

End Log
Cmdr Paks 'Spitfire' Malone