[SD238307.08] -- Duty Log -- Lt. Ardeshir -- 'Shift'


=/\=  USS Artemis, Main Engineering  =/\=

  The vulcanesque woman looked up at the main column of the intermix chamber as the Akira II vessel tore through space on it's way toward her first official mission.  The briefing information, from her own standpoint, was vague beyond the at-face information that was provided, but discovery and figuring out puzzles was part and parcel for life within Starfleet.  It wasn't a life that she disliked, and her soft smile reflected her state of mind upon feeling the frequency shift in the plating just around the core.  She gave a moment of pause to wonder if, despite innovations in stability and dampening technologies, the design engineers still held some fondness for being able to sense the 'voice' of a ship as it ran, even if you now had to almost hug an EPS conduit to do so.

  A few brief blips and readout changes moved over a few of the station consoles behind her, as well as at the fingertips of a few of the other officers stationed around the main bay.  Raising a brow, she lowered her vision level and turned to make her way to the closest screen.  

  "Flow regulators look good.  Transition phase alignment is fine, but we might be able to tighten it a little more...Yra, see if we can ease it another point one five percent."

  'Yes, Ma'am.', the engineer's voice called from nearby, followed by the sounds of an adjustment input.  After another few moments, the readout changed and the Chief nodded.  "That's good, Yra, thank you.  It won't do much for the systems, being this fresh out of dock, but it'll let us run that much harder without having to worry about going back for another visit.", Ashlyn mused a little flatly before continuing to work on a different set of readout information.  Across the bay, a few other crew members were talking while finishing up one of their own tasks before one of them looked over and called out to the Chief.

  'Chief!', the man spoke up to account for the slight distance.  'Some of us were thinking about starting up a group for poker or somethin' for between shifts.  Would you want in?', he smirked as he leaned against a rail to give an attempt at having more of a suave stance than he actually did.  Ashlyn turned her head enough so that a single eye could look in his direction with a sidelong, and much more 'Vulcan' than 'Human' glare of whether or not to entertain 'nonsense'.

  "I never did understand why so many officers seem to have an infatuation with card-...", she remarked, but trailed off as the main console announced their arrival over Dhogos Colony.  The core slowed as she watched for a moment, nodded and turning back to the two men, and Yra.

  "We've arrived - and we're beginning sensor readings.  Let's keep an eye on systems and distribution parameters, oh, Yra, I'd like you with me.  You two...", she motioned to the two ensigns.  "...keep an eye on the primary distribution node.  Nothing should be an issue, but we'll need to finish it's alignments while our sensors are running a focused scan to dial a few things in completely."

  They blinked, and nodded before moving to their posts, any previous attitudes of impression leaving their features.  Walking to an open ladder that led up into a jeffries tube, Yra in tow, she placed a hand on the first rung, then looked over her shoulder before calling out to the others herself.

  " Ensign...end of shift, save me a seat.  Let's see who else we can get interested."

=/\=  End Log  =/\=