SD238307.04 -- PLOT LOG -- Dhogos Colony -- Capt Kleim


=/\= Bridge, USS Artemis =/\=

The ship had been flying at best possible speed for nearly three days, and everyone had been doing what they could to get ready. Everything was still so mysterious, and it was on everyone's minds, Brynna was sure. She knew it was on hers. Lieutenant Sovanae obviously remembered who she was, was able to be a doctor, and called on Starfleet when in why had she never called for someone to get her? Why was she only calling now because she couldn't help these people? What did she know about what happened to the Artemis?

"We are on approach of Dhogos Colony, Captain," Lieutenant Geroux announced from the navigation console.

"Do we see any sorts of surprises, Lieutenant Shepard?" Brynna asked. It wasn't that she had any reason to suspect that there was some sort of trap here, but she had no desire to get caught off-guard. She wanted to double-check everything before walking into it.

There was several moments of quiet before her Chief of Strategic Operations replied. "Nothing that I can see, sir," Shepard replied. "As far as our sensors can tell, the colony is as primitive as reported. There are no satellites in orbit and I'm not picking up on much by way of technology on the service; at least nothing we'd call advanced."

Dhogos Colony, as she had learned while they were traveling there, was a self-supporting colony that existed on no exports or imports. The people who had originally founded it had little interest in being part of any sort of larger community and until now, it apparently had served them well. Or it had trapped them, and it wasn't possible to do anything else until now. However, Starfleet had recorded a small number of previous attempts to reach out to the colonists and were rebuffed each time. She wondered how they would be received now.

"Put us into orbit, Lieutenant," Brynna ordered. She pressed a button on her console. "Kleim to Commander Quezith, prepare to join us in transporter room one to beam down to the surface."

"Us?" she heard Terrik ask quietly from the chair beside her.

Brynna turned to her with a small smile that said, Don't even try to argue. "If there is a former member of the Artemis crew down there, I want to talk to her myself." She gave a decisive nod that ended that conversation as she moved on to the rest of her orders. "Kleim to Ardeshir and Raynor. Please assemble small away team to beam down to the surface after our initial discussion with Doctor Sovanae. You're going to start with investigation of that slaver ship. Shepard, you'll be joining them." She closed that channel for the next. "Kleim to Malone. Once we're in orbit, set up and send out your patrols. Keep it tight at first and fan out. Look for anything unusual."

A short round of confirmations followed. Once they were in orbit, Kleim and Terrik left the bridge and headed for the transporter room, where they met their own doctor as well as Doctor Alleir. She noticed the Master at Arms and another security crewman were there, and Kleim didn't have to ask to know that she was there to keep their asses covered in case there was trouble. Security had it covered, and Kleim wasn't going to argue.

Within minutes, they beamed down.

=/\= Dhogos Colony =/\=

The landscape was yellow-orange, and looked dry as hell. It was hot, but there was no humidity at all in the wind that rose up around them and swirled dust at their ankles. Several yards ahead stood the colony, which seemed to be mostly comprised of more yellow-orange stone as well as wood. There was no obvious sign of technology, although she knew that there was some time somewhere. From one of the roofs, they could see a head...but could tell little about it. That silhouette disappeared moments later.

"I guess we've been announced," Brynna said dryly. She kept them where they were for a moment, wanting to give the colonists a chance. It just took a minute or so before they saw another silhouette walking towards them, this one clearly a woman as she got closer. Once she was near enough, Brynna recognized the image of Doctor Desdemona Sovanae from her personnel file. She looked a lot different without her teal-collared uniform, wearing a sleeveless shirt and loose pants, long hair tied in a knot at the back of her head.

"Captain," Sovanae greeted solemnly. "Thank you for coming."

"I'm Captain Brynhild Kleim...of the USS Artemis," Brynna introduced herself. She watched Sovanae carefully, seeing the way the woman's hetero-chromatic eyes widened with...what? Was that fear? Brynna couldn't really read it, but she saw it was a strong emotional reaction. That would have to be discussed. "This is my first officer, Commander Terrik, along with my chief medical officer Lieutenant Commander Quezith and Master at Arms Senior Chief Hunt."

The half-Bajoran woman inclined her head to each of them, visibly bringing herself back together. "Thank you all for coming. We need help." Her eyes met Quezith's, doctor to doctor. "I'm sure you're concerned about your own crew. By all that I can tell, the disease is not actually contagious. Those who were infected, it happened shortly after the ship crashed. The severity seems to be based on the general health of the person affected, with those already weak being hit the hardest. Many who were the healthiest, and that number is small here, were able to avoid being strongly affected and it seems to have worn off. Like myself. I don't think whatever was on that ship is affecting anyone anymore."

Kleim looked at Quezith, having an idea that his empathic abilities would be able to at least tell if she was telling the truth as she knew it. She raised her brows, and he nodded.

"Commander Quezith and Lieutenant Alleir, please proceed into the colony," Kleim ordered. "Doctor Sovanae, please show them what they need to see and then I would like to meet with you and have a chat. We'd like to see more of the colony in the meantime."

"Of course, Captain," she said. "Just please be aware that these people...border on the xenophobic. They are not aggressive, but they may be frightened. You may not be able to convince many to talk. It took weeks for me to convince them to trust me, and it was only my medical skills that did it." She turned to Quezith. "Doctors, if you'll follow me." With that, she turned and led them into the colony, already explaining to them more about the situation.

Kleim held back for a moment with the others. "This is going to be interesting," she murmured significantly to Roan before she tapped her comm badge. "Kleim to the Artemis. Away teams, beam down."

They waited until the other teams joined them and then she conveyed to them what Sovanae had said. "Still, scan often and take what procautions you deem necessary to keep yourselves safe. I want to know everything there is to know about that ship, and be careful about anything else. The MACOs may or may not have much to do, but help Ardeshir's team as needed and keep your eyes open. I want to know what the ship is, where it came from, what brought it down, and anything that might hint at what made the colonists sick."

Everyone nodded at each other, and then went their separate ways.

=/\= End Log =/\=

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Captain Brynhild Kleim
Commanding Officer
USS Artemis