[SD238207.01] -- Personal Log -- Lt. Ardeshir -- 'Tending to Things'


=/\=  USS Artemis, Briefing Room  =/\=

  "Are there any questions?"

  Ashlyn shook her head, looking around the room as many of the other officers made similar motions.  After a brief pause, she watched the Captain give her final words for the meeting.

  Brynna nodded. "Then let's get to work, people. Geroux, set a course for Dhogos colony, best speed. Everyone else, start getting ready. Dismissed."

  With that, the Chief stood and nodded softly, making her way past a few of the Seniors who had gathered into a small trio to discuss what they should do between their departments.  Making her way to the door, she looked one way and stepped a few meters outside into the corridor before she was handed a small duty PADD by one of the exiting crew.  Looking at it for a moment, she realized that it was fairly simple, but seemed to be what she had expected.  Tying some different systems together for use in one or two of the possible tactical and resource plans for the upcoming mission.  She raised a soft brow at seeing some of the projected sensor profile setups and a few other customizations that had been submitted by the crew.

  "Interesting power drain for those sensors...", she mused, then tapped her badge before speaking a little more directly.  She knew that she'd be bringing things by her department anyway, but decided to check in with the current shift and make sure that things were being set up accordingly.  "Ardeshir to Engineering..."

=/\=  USS Artemis, Deck 2  =/\=

  Turbolift doors hissed open as the vulcan-human woman stepped out, almost sauntering down the walkway before coming to her quarters.  It felt like she had barely enough time since repairs had finished to do more than drop her case inside the door, much less spend any time inside.  With another similar door sound, she made another small motion and entered the dark room.

  "", she spoke, then narrowed her eyes slightly as the luminosity of the room adjusted itself to a standard level with a soft 'blip' in reply.  The walls were bare and unadorned with anything in terms of personalization.  Likewise, the single small table was bare, and the bed was...bare.  She sighed in ease, despite the pleasing cleanliness of it all, that there was a replicator near the sink and mirror.  This was, after all, her first posting as a senior officer, and the idea of having one so ready, in spite of possible rationing in the future being at least possible, was a welcome comfort.  That being said, around her upcoming duty shift, she was going to need to decorate...

=/\=  End of Log  =/\=