SD238206.27 -- PLOT LOG -- On the Road Again -- Capt Kleim


=/\= Briefing Room, USS Artemis =/\=

Captain Kleim sat in the chair at the head of the table, waiting for the rest of her senior staff to arrive for their briefing.

Two hours ago, Kleim had received a call from Admiral Stanton about the ship's first official mission back on the line. It wasn't the usual sort of mission the ship would go on, but it was one that was needed, they were closest, and as she had been reminded of time and time again, people and ships were limited. Everyone did what they could, whether it fell in line with their "usual" type of missions or not. Besides, the ship and the crew needed to do something to shake themselves out.

A little information had been gathered and a plan put together, so now she waited on her staff so that she could tell them about it and let them prepare. There would be two faces more than the last time sitting at the table, and of course the table was now on the Artemis and not a guest room on the Ananke.

Once everyone had filtered in, Brynna gave each one a nod and then got up to turn on the screen. "Two days ago, Starfleet received a distress call from Dhogos Colony." The image on the screen showed the location of the colony and the space around it. "It is, frankly, in the middle of nowhere. Their subspace communications have always been limited at best, by choice. They prefer their isolation and somewhat primitive living, but we have known about their location since colonization just over forty years ago.

"Until this call, we simply haven't heard anything from them in almost as long. The message was a single burst of a recorded distress call. The message said that a ship had crashed just outside the outskirts of the colony and had made a large majority of the population ill with something that seemed close to a type of radiation sickness but was more than that, and they haven't been able to cure it or even stop it. There have been a few deaths, but others are hanging on."

She paused and looked back at everyone. "Here is the interesting part. We would have been sent anyways as the closest ship, but the message was sent by a members of Starfleet. It was sent by Lieutenant Commander Desdemona Sovanae, who was serving as a medical officer on the Artemis at the time she went missing."

At that, she paused again because she knew it was going to get a reaction. There was a low level murmur for a moment, which she allowed to continue for a few moments. She had certainly been shocked when Stanton had said it. No clue at all when they found the ship and even scoured it, nothing from the Artemis AI, and then a random distress call from some remote, isolated colony? And it wasn't even a "come get me" call. This implied that Doctor Sovanae had been living and working on Dhogos as a doctor and called a last resort. What had happened?

"We are going to Dhogos Colony to provide humanitarian aid, first and foremost. Second prong is that we will see what we can find out from Doctor Sovanae. Third, however, is based off the ship that crashed."

Brynhild sat back down and looked around at her senior staff. "Commander, Sovanae was able to send us a little information. A copy of her communication has been transmitted to your console to review and prepare your staff for what you might find. Commander Terrik, I want you to review Sovanae's personnel file. I'd like an idea of this woman. Ardeshir, you're still going to have some work to do on the ship since I know there's some repairs and fine tuning, however, we have been tasked with helping update some of the colony, especially to better help the people who are ill. Coordinate with Shepard as needed.

"Raynor and Dakota. We will need some feet on the ground to help investigate the crashed ship. The reason I mentioned it is because once the colonists investigated, it was automatically clear it's a slaver. There's been trouble of that kind in the area, and I don't want someone to come looking for that thing. So we'll be helping the Artemis crew, helping the colonists, investigating the ship, and making sure there aren't any problems with it all. Malone, in light of that, your wing will cut its teeth on some search and patrol of the area. Let's look for anything in the area.

"Are there any questions?"

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Brynna nodded. "Then let's get to work, people. Geroux, set a course for Dhogos colony, best speed. Everyone else, start getting ready. Dismissed."

=/\= End Log =/\=

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Captain Brynhild Kleim
Commanding Officer
USS Artemis