SD238206.18 -- "Getting Started" -- Joint Log -- Cmdr Dakota & SCPO Hunt


=/\= Starbase Leto =/\=

Kylie was crossing the promenade with long strides. She was standing rather tall, and always tried to get the most out of it. Being able to get somewhere fast, was always an advantage in her line of work. Her build gave her a lanky appearance, but she wasn't anywhere as fragile as she appeared to be. Appearances could be deceiving, and only more so in her case. As she reached the docking bay where the Artemis was docked, she quickly obtained permission to enter the bowels of the ship. She hadn't served on this class starship before, but she had studied its layout on her way to her new assignment. Therefore, it didn't take her long to find her way to the CSec's office and ring the chime.

"Enter!" Dakota called from inside.

The Chameloid had been saddened, profoundly, at the loss of the Ananke's crew, or at least so much of it. While she had never exactly been family there, it had been her ship and it was gone now. Starfleet was never one to let grass grow, however, and she had been swiftly assigned to be CSec on the Artemis...a ship that didn't have a security department on its first mission. This was gonna be interesting. She would have to start a new department and process her grief, and determination, all at once.

A quick brush down her uniform confirmed Kylie's appearance. She was curious about the woman she was about to meet. She'd read all of the public service record, but suspected there as a lot to the Commander that *wasn't* in her file. She stepped inside just far enough for the doors to slid close behind her. Only then did she step forward to approach the desk and come to a sharp attention. "Senior Chief Petty Office Hunt, reporting in, Commander," she stated clearly.

Dakota looked up from the padd she'd been reading, leaning against the back wall of her office, and saw the woman before her. It took a moment, but then she remembered. "At ease, chief," she said to her new Master at Arms. "Welcome aboard the Artemis...which I'm new to as well. Have a seat." She waved at the chair in front of her desk while she took the one behind it.

It only took Kylie a moment to gracefully slide into the proferred chair. Despite what her rank and position would suggest, she would adhere to protocol and tradition, but she would only go so far. When a seat was offered by a senior officer, who was she to refuse? "Thanks, Commander," she smiled slightly as she leaned back. "I'm sure we'll both settle in just fine."

"I have no doubt that we will," the Chameloid said with her usual casual confidence, rolling into her other personality trait of being pretty direct. "So, you obviously know my name and I know yours. Let's skip to phase two. Why don't you tell me a bit about yourself?" She wasn't outgoing or friendly, necessarily, but she did like to know a little bit about the people she'd be working with. That was just common sense.

"I've had my share of postings, before, during and after the war," Kylie started. "As I'm sure you've read in my file. There's little to know about me that isn't in my file, regretfully. I've never been married, never quite met the right one during all my travels. I've spent most of my life doing my job, and making sure others do their job. When I'm not at work, I try to stay in shape as much as possible. Also for the good of the job. You can find me in the gym or the holodeck quite often for a punzo gai roku match. Always looking for real life opponents," she paused to take a breath. "That's most of what there's to know about me. What about you?"

Dakota smiled slightly, well, more of a smirk. She rarely smiled "for real." She was a smirker. "I'm sure you've had access to some of my file, since security personnel get access to some such things. I'm not human, which is important to know since my abilities are used often in my security work. You will be witness to them. If you haven't read up, then I'll tell you I'm a Chameloid. The only known one to be working in Starfleet right now."

"I'm looking forward to it," Kylie replied with a smile. Yes, she did like to smile. She found the recipient of a message was always more forthcoming when a message was delivered by a smile. It was second nature to her by now. "That's phase two completed. Do you have a phase three in introductory meetings?"

"Not usually," Dakota replied easily. "Mainly, it's just get to work and see how we do. The security staff is still in a state of flux, so we have some and more are incoming. Those who were slated for the Ananke--" She paused, just for the slightest moment. "--are now ours. Most were already on Leto so they're here, but much of the department is still in transit."

Kylie gave a sympathetic smile to acknowledge the loss of the Ananke. "We'll make the best of it. I'll make sure to meet every enlisted personally and give you an assessment on them as soon as possible. I'll get to the ship's Security inventory and let me know what we need before we leave Leto, and what we would need in the ideal world. I'm sure it'll be quite a list if this ship hasn't had a Security department for a while. Anything else I can help you with?"

"Don't forget about the MACO contingent on board," the Chameloid pointed out. "They'll maintain a separate inventory and armory from ours, but certain supply allotments will be split between us in terms of weapons and munitions, and so on."

"Noted," Kylie noted. Her forehead creased as she considered the situation. "I can't say I've worked with MACO's before. At least on the same ship. I've stood beside them in planetary siege once, but never on the same ship. I'm not sure how that's going to play out alongside our Security people. I guess we'll know soon enough."

Dakota nodded. "As with all things, time will tell."

=/\= End Log =/\=

Commander Dakota, Chief of Security & Senior Chief Petty Officer Kylie Hunt, Master at Arms