[SD238206.18] -- Duty Log -- Lt. Ardeshir -- "You'd better make..."


=/\=  Starbase Leto, Café  =/\=

  The heavy mug came to rest on the clear table with a soft, stony 'click' - one that could only be made from a stoneware or ceramic material contacting a synthetic surface.  The Lieutenant paused, looking up from a holorender at her hand and the rest of her coffee with a fond expression, before her features returned to their usual evenness.

  "I should bring one of these back to the ship.", her voice eased in amusement before her attention focused once again on her work.  The shapes being emitted by the modified PADD seemed to glow in different pathways for a moment, before whatever process that they were simulating appeared to stabilize and conform to a homogeneous tone throughout it's structure.  A slight smirk played at the corner of the Chief's lips before she nodded once.

  "It will work.", she spoke again before watching the simulation for another long minute.  Tapping the display, it faded, allowing the woman to gather it, along with a small stack of other devices, into her arms and stand to begin making her way to the front of the small cafe.  Once at the front, she spoke with the storekeeper and nodded before she was also handed a mug that looked the same as the one that she was drinking from at her table.  Making her way from the location, she then began to walk along the long, open corridor of the starbase on her way to the engineering and mechanics station.  Lowering a slender shoulder, she almost rolled herself sideways into the narrow doorway and approached one of the officers that was assisting the crew in the repairs to the Artemis.

  "Good morning!", she warmly announced herself before she continued when the other engineer nodded.  "We were correct on the tuning adjustments, but I brought the simulations back for you to look at.  I'll be returning to the ship to double check everything and inform my teams...", Ashlyn began to run on with her words, already moving out the door by the time the man had turned back around to fully face her again.  Disappearing from the office, her head popped back around the doorway's edge after a few seconds with a bewildered look that she'd realized that not everything had made it from her mind to her mouth.

  "...Send me a copy of the data."

=/\=  USS Artemis, Main Engineering  =/\=

  The large central doors to the bay hissed open, Ashlyn sauntering through with her armful of PADDs, duty rosters, data specs, and a few other odds and ends.  With a glance to see who was working, she was relieved to find two or three of her team members that, like her, had elected to work some of the 'light duty' shifts which were helping the Leto station with repairs.  A small bench top 'desk' that was extended from the side of a console made a perfect home for her stacks and pile of things, letting the Chief right herself into a more dignified stance, turning slowly to smile up at the taller engineers whom had begun to gather around and hear what she had returned with.

  "Our ideas succeeded.  Congratulations.", she lifted her arms a little to motion to the others as they cheered and patted one another on the shoulders.

  "Six sections will see a one point three percent efficiency gain, and two more will see two point two percent, if we get our calculations on the rectification, as well as the settings on the junction transducers right.  With the updated power settings from starfleet, we can also expect an average ship-wide power gain of at least a few percent - again, with the caveat that everything is set 'just so'.", the Chief motioned.

  'What about the reinforcement fields?', one of the officers asked after listening for a moment, only to have the Lieutenant reassure them with a dismissing wave of her hand.

  "They won't see any negative impact from the frequency changes.  But you had a sound idea with your proposal.  I spoke to the repair teams from Leto, and they agreed.  We'll get all of the changes and modifications to the power systems set up and verify that things are operating to spec, then we can begin looking at tying the structural field systems in with the upgrades.  That will be a bit more tricky, but we may get a percent or two improvement there, as well.  We won't really know until we're actually underway, and can see how the Artemis does when she's moving.  Simple impulse and warp stresses will let us fine tune everything.", she nodded again as the engineer smiled.  Things seemed to be well on track for making sure that the Artemis would be completely ready for duty on schedule, and work like this not only shored up little pieces of her systems, but was giving her people the chance to become familiar with small nuances of the ship.  She thought, at least, that that too would help them in their missions to come.  Now - she had to find a place to put some more coffee into that new mug.

  "I've been saying this since we got on board, but, let's keep up the good work.  ...And, people...", she smiled.  "...Let's make damned sure that we beat those predictions."

=/\=  End Log  =/\=