[SD238206.10] -- Duty Log -- Lt. Ardeshir -- 'Ship shape'


=/\=  USS Artemis, Deck 9  =/\=

  It had felt like an eternity.  In fact, save for the untruth of saying it, eternity may have been a shorter time in the Lieutenant's perception as she sighed and finished the last few readings from once of the conduits that had just been polarized and adjusted.  Just to make triple sure, she began running section diagnostics before turning to one of her crew-mates and offered a small nod.

  "It looks like we're done here.  Good job, and thank you.", she smiled a little as she spoke.

  The other officer nodded and moved back to a few of the starbase technicians, the Chief waving dismissively to the group before speaking again.

  "Everyone, it looks like we've finished repairs and fitting new components in this section - wonderful work.  We have some subsystems to re-tune and check over, but all of the major, and structural repairs are now complete.  We might even give a few of the newer ships a run for being 'inspection worthy'.  Finish with your assigned checks and tasks, and we'll meet back in Engineering in the morning."

  The group nodded, or made motions of acknowledgement before turning to spread out down the corridors. Ashlyn's expression bore it's usual, statuesque calm, but her mind was likely in a torrent of ideas, further systems analysis that needed doing, or any number of theoretical things that she may be able to finally get herself up to.  Blinking, she turned rather neatly on a heel, then made her way to the nearest turbolift.  

=/\=  Starbase Leto, Bar  =/\=

  The doors to the main concourse slid open, allowing Ashlyn to step inside the dive area and glance about, breathing in a fairly relaxed way.  The bar itself wasn't the largest on the station, and was more out of the way than anything along the main crawl, but it was also a little less occupied as a result.  Making her way to a table that overlooked the raised walkway outside, as well as the main path below that, the woman motioned to a bartender, then finished seating herself, taking out a small PADD, angling it up slightly so that she could begin skimming over it's display.

  A minute or two passed, a server bringing whatever seemed to be the 'house drink' to the Lieutenant, prompting a quick smile, another nod, and a slight shifting of her weight onto on hip before she returned to her distraction.

  "...Phasing forward...that'd likely never...maybe if...", she began to mumble softly as she read on, tapping the screen in her hands occasionally to move through more text, or change variables on a few equations.  Her musings and reading continued much in this way for another hour or two, the vulcan-human sipping on her drink now and again throughout her efforts to understand what she was looking at.  Perhaps she should speak to a few of the other engineers, or even Artemis, about this., she wondered...

=/\=  End Log  =/\=