Trello, Google Drive and more



It's been awhile, but we're back with an update. We've been hard at work adding new features and squashing bugs. Here are just some of the features we've added since our last update:

Trello Integration

Do you use Trello? Now, you can receive notifications whenever there are changes to your Trello boards, cards and lists. Configure this integration through the Integrations page for your group.

Google Drive Integration

We also added Google Drive integration. Like our Dropbox integration, you can configure to automatically save specific attachments sent to your groups in your Google Drive. Configure this integration through the Subscription page for a group.

RSS Archive Feeds

Public archives now have RSS feeds. Enter the URL of a group home page into your favorite feed reader, and you will receive group messages directly in your reader.

Moderated Hashtags

Hashtags can now be moderated. Whenever a thread is tagged with a moderated hashtag, all messages in the thread will require approval before being sent to the group. Configure moderated hashtags through the Hashtags page in your group.


And finally, you can now like messages. Click the 'Like' button under a message on the website, or, you can reply to a message with a simple 'like' or '+1' (without the quotes).

Of course, we're not done. Have an idea for how to improve Join the beta group and let us know.

Thanks for using!