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Greetings from,

We continue to work on improving, and we have added several features in the last month.


We just rolled out a big improvement for groups that have subgroups (if your group does not have any subgroups, you can ignore this part). If your group has one or more subgroups, we've created a subdomain for you. An example is probably the best way to explain this. Let's say you have a group called 'example', with subgroups 'sub1' and 'sub2'. Right now, you send messages to these groups using the addresses ',' ',' and ''. While you can still do that, you can now also send messages to these groups using the addresses ',' ',' and ''. And you can go to to access your groups.


When composing a new message or replying to an existing message on the website, we now automatically save your message as you type it. Should your computer crash or you otherwise navigate away from the website before sending, your message will not be lost. Click on the Post link in the group sidebar and you'll be able to access your draft.

Table of Contents in Wiki

You can now specify that your wiki pages have a table of contents. When composing a wiki page using HTML mode, look for the ToC button.

Improved Subgroup Management

For groups with subgroups, you can now see on a single page which subgroups each of your members is a part of. Click the Subgroups link in the group sidebar.

Other Updates
  • You can now add attachments when composing messages on the website.
  • The group calendar can now be made visible to the public.

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Thanks for using and have a great weekend!