Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • INTERNAL: More work on the upcoming notifications system.
  • INTERNAL: Much work to revamp the activity log system to support webhook API functionality.
  • BUGFIX: The /getmembers API endpoint would return all members, including banned and pending members, if you didn't specify a type, instead of only returning normal members, which it should do.
  • NEW: Added subject checks for 'ris:' and 'r: ' which can indicate a message is a reply.
  • CHANGE: Changed the file upload notification so that only one notification is generated regardless of the number of files/directories that are uploaded.
  • API: Added /getphoto endpoint.
  • API: Added display_name, user_name, profile_photo_url, profile_privacy, email fields to the photo object.
  • API: Added /reportcontent endpoint.

Have a good weekend everyone.