New: Polls and more



After a summer of working on new features, we're back with a new update. Here's what we've been up to since our last update:


Groups now have polls. Specify any number of possible answers and whether people can select one or many. Decide whether people can see the results before the poll is closed or only after.


We've had subgroups for quite some time now, but now we've made them even better. Subgroups can now have public archives. Also, group members can create their own subgroups.

Allowing Non-Subscribers to Post

You can now set your group so that posts from people who are not subscribers will be moderated instead of rejected.

Other Updates
  • You can assign different colors to hashtags.
  • You can specify that tagged threads are automatically closed.
  • We changed the URL structure of the site to be less verbose.
  • Lots of little cleanups and improvements to the website.

Of course, we're not done. Have an idea for how to improve Join the beta group and let us know.

Thanks for using!