New Features: Photos and more



We've been hard at work adding a passel of new features to Here are some highlights:


Every group now has a photos section. Photos are stored in albums. An album can be set to allow any group member to upload photos, or it can be set to restrict uploads just to the person who created it. In addition, the Photos section can be set to allow uploads by group members, or it can be restricted just to moderators and owners.

Max Attachment Size

Don't want to receive large attachments in your group messages? You can specify the max attachment size allowed in messages you receive. If an attachment is larger than your max size, you'll get a link to it on the website instead. See your Subscription page for all the goodness.

Default Subscription Options

Owners, you can now specify default subscription options for new people joining your group. Do your members generally like to be on digest? Set that as a default, and new people joining will default to that (of course, they can change their subscription whenever they want). The new Default Sub Settings page can be accessed from the Settings page of your group.

Calendar Improvements

We've made several small improvements to the calendar. You can now specify that a notification is sent to your group when an event happens. You can also specify hashtags in event names. And we're now tagging messages sent from the calendar: reminders have the tag #cal-reminder, notifications have the tag #cal-notice and calendar invites are tagged with #cal-invite.

If that's not a passel of new features, then I don't know what a passel is (and I just looked up that word before writing this). Of course, we're not done. Have an idea for how to improve Join the beta group and let us know.

Thanks for using!