New database, sign-up form, full-featured digests, and more


Greetings from,

New year, new features! Here's what we've been up to since our last update:


Groups now have a database. Define a table with a set of columns, which can include: text fields, checkboxes, multiple choice selections, dates, times, or addresses. Each table supports an unlimited number of rows. Tables are great for storing and searching on structured data and forms.

New Sign-Up Form

You can now embed a signup form in your website, making it easy for people to join your group. See the new Promote tab in the sidebar for your group for more information.

Full Featured Digests

We've had plain text digests since the beginning. Now we also have full featured digests. They look nicer and contain links making it easy to jump from the Topics list to individual messages within the digest.

Log In And Join Group Improvements

It's now easier to log into the website, using the new 'Email me a link to log in' function. We've also made it easier to join groups through the website.

Other Updates
  • We've added About Me, Location and Website fields to your profile.
  • You can change the date display on the website from showing relative times to absolute dates.
  • Group moderators can specify that one hashtag is an alias of another hashtag.
  • Many cleanups, improvements and bugfixes.

Of course, we're not done. Have an idea for how to improve Join the beta group and let us know!

Thanks for using!