Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • UPDATE: Documentation updates from Nina.
  • NEW: Monthly reminder notices can now be marked to be sent as special messages.
  • NEW: Added missing Notify Members checkboxes to remaining file, photo and album actions with the exception of moving files (TBD).
  • NEW: Added moderator notifications and Notify Member checkboxes for adding, modifying and deleting photo albums.
  • NEW: When moving a photo, added a moved photo activity log entry, Notify Members checkbox, and moderator notification.
  • CHANGE: In the Activity Log, change the word dir to folder when referring to Files Sections actions to be more consistent.
  • NEW: When uploading photos, there is now a text box to enter a description.
  • NEW: Added a Notify Members checkbox to the edit photo page.
  • BUGFIX: We were not properly escaping commas, semicolons and slashes in DESCRIPTION fields when generating calendar ICS files. Also, Google Calendar has a bug where it will ignore the entire DESCRIPTION field if there is a colon in the text, so we now replace any colons with spaces.
  • API: Added /getorg endpoint.
  • CHANGE: For #guidelines-notice and #monthly-notice hashtags, sync the hashtag special field to the member notice special field every month.
  • NEW: Monthly reminder notices can now be marked to be sent as special messages.
  • NEW: When sending out #monthly-notice messages, mimic what we do with #guidelines-notice message, create the #monthly-notice hashtag with a delete timeframe of a month, and all mods options checked.
  • CHANGE: In addition to not sending moderator push notifications to moderators that generated them, also don't send email notifications as well.
  • BUGFIX: Changed z-index of floating table header to be below the Your Groups dropdown.
  • BUGFIX: In the new moderator notifications, we were using the person's account display name, not the individual group display name (which is generally, but not always the same).
  • NEW: Include more information in album and photo group export data.
  • CHANGE: In digests, we were being too aggressive in stripping quoted sections of messages out when we knew the original message was not a reply. This led to some forwarded messages in digests missing key parts.
  • BUGFIX: Summaries were being sent to pending members.
  • API: Changed /registerdevice endpoint to /addpushsub
  • API: Added /getpushsubs, /deletepushsub, and /deleteallpushsubs endpoints.
  • BUGFIX: Fix reflow issue in database table view with new floatThead.

Take care everyone.