Integration messages can now be moderated



Integrations are a powerful feature of They allow you to connect your group with an outside service. We have several integrations available. One of the integrations is with; notifications of activity in your github repository, such as checkins and releases, are sent to your group. Another integration is the feed integration. Any blog or web site that has an RSS or Atom feed can be integrated with your group, so that new blog posts or updates are automatically sent to your group. We also have Facebook, Instagram and Dropbox integrations.

We just added a feature where you can moderate integration messages. Instead of having the messages automatically be posted to your group, you now have the option to approve them first. This is great if, for example, you've set up a feed integration with a blog, but that blog only sometimes has posts that are relevant to your group. You can reject the posts that aren't relevant.

How can we improve Please let us know!