Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • CHANGE: Changed the Action menu in the Members page, pulling email delivery and moderation options into dialogs. This makes the Actions dropdown smaller, so it works better on mobile, and is preparation for other options being added.
  • NEW: When viewing an event, show the person who created the event.
  • NEW: Added event organizer information to event reminder emails.
  • CHANGE: Changed how messages are sorted in digests. We now sort by date and then group by topic, which is slightly different from before. Now, the date of the first message we're showing in the topic determines the sort order of the topic, not the date of the first message ever in the topic.
  • BUGFIX: We were not properly escaping newlines in the DESCRIPTION field in ICS files.
  • BUGFIX: For tables with HTML Paragraph columns that were not the first column, the HTML edit widget was not properly initialized when adding/editing a row.
  • CHANGE: When viewing a photo, the links to next/previous photos now extend the full height of the photo.
  • BUGFIX: The Subscribe to Calendar button was improperly disabled for some subgroups.
  • BUGFIX: Fix table csv imports of addresses, where the city field was being populated by the address line 2.
  • CHANGE: Only display the Email link on a member's profile if the group's directory is visible to members.

Have a good weekend everyone.