Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • BUGFIX: In some instances emailed images were not appearing in the Emailed Photos folder. Also reindexed the message archive.
  • INTERNAL: Work on adding the ability for group owners to charge subscriptions to groups.
  • CHANGE: When converting inline images into attachments, verify that a valid media type is specified before doing the conversion.
  • CHANGE: Members now have 7 days instead of 3 days to auto-resubscribe after having been removed because of spam reports.
  • INTERNAL: Fixed SSL certificate renew mechanism.
  • NEW: New activity log messages for when a member sends a message with a new tag (in a group where new tags are restricted), a message with a tag only moderators can use, and a message without any tags (where tags are required).
  • BUGFIX: For groups with attachments moderated, the add photo/add attachment buttons were not being displayed in the HTML editor.
  • CHANGE: Improved file search to allow for partial name matches.
  • BUGFIX: It was possible to ban a non-valid email address.

Have a good weekend everyone.