Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • NEW: Remember sort field/order for the Photos section (not yet viewing a specific album).
  • BUGFIX: If a subscription's display name was not set and the user's display name wasn't set, we would set ALL of the user's subscriptions to the name we pulled from the From line in an email. This would overwrite a display name previously set by a moderator.
  • NEW: The /feed page is now feature complete, including displaying chats, wikis, databases, new subgroups, and recent images sent as attachments.
  • CHANGE: In the Photos section, changed the default sort for albums and within albums to be most recent first.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed obscure redirect bug because '' is a suffix of the new enterprise group
  • INTERNAL: Parallelized the deletion of attachments from S3 when we delete a group, because it was taking too long.
  • CHANGE: When viewing banned members, the column name is now Banned. When viewing normal members of a restricted group, the column name is now Applied.
  • CHANGE: When banning someone, we record the moment the person is banned. Previously, if the person was a member, we kept the date the person applied/joined and used that.
  • CHANGE: When adding/editing an event, check by default the 'Send Invite To Group' option.

Have a good weekend everyone.


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