Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • API: Updated the /getmessages api.
  • SYSADMIN: Increased security of internal systems.
  • SYSADMIN: Added an additional web server.
  • CHANGE: Wording change in the pending group approval message. Thanks Shal and J.
  • NEW: We use the DNS MX domains when sending email to determine if a person's email is hosted by Gmail or by Outlook 365. If such, we re-write the From header, if appropriate.
  • NEW: In the account prefs page, we display if we are re-writing the From line of messages sent to you because your email is hosted by Gmail or Exchange.
  • NEW: We now have two internal lists of domains: domains hosted by Gmail and domains hosted by Exchange. For gmail hosted domains, we re-write the From line for messages we send back to the sender. For Exchange hosted domains, we re-write the From lines for all messages.
  • NEW: Internal infrastructure to substitute email headers in group messages more easily.
  • CHANGE: Updated API docs with latest version, generated using the new automated tools.
  • SYSADMIN: Moved disaster recovery backups off the main database server to a replica to reduce load.
  • CHANGE: We were virus scanning files that are uploaded to the files section, but we weren't blocking them when they tested positive. We now block and log them.

Have a good weekend everyone.


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