Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • NEW: Enterprise groups can customize the HTML on the login page as well as on the send login link page.
  • CHANGE: Two factor protected accounts can now use Email Me A Login Link.
  • CHANGE: Improvements to the wording of the spam unsub email and moderator notification.
  • CHANGE: When editing a wiki page, don't submit the edit on enter in the reason text field.
  • CHANGE: When trying to change your email address, if you enter in your existing email address, it will now display an error (previously it was silently ignored).
  • NEW: You can now edit the moderator notes of past member records.
  • NEW: Display the name of the owner of each photo album.
  • NEW: New View Members moderator privilege.
  • CHANGE: If a group's Members Visible setting is Owners only, it used to be that we allowed moderators with one of the member change privileges (approve pending members, ban, etc) to also access the Members list. But now, if Members Visible is set to Owners, only owners can access the members list, regardless of whether moderators have those privileges.
  • CHANGE: Don't create activity log entries for bouncing or unbouncing someone in banned groups.
  • CHANGE: Title and description no longer required for Link database columns.
  • CHANGE: Wording changes on Group Settings page for group/message visibility.
  • NEW: For enterprise groups, add a link back to under the account dropdown in the upper right.
  • NEW: For restricted premium/enterprise groups, approving a Not Confirmed pending member now automatically confirms that account as well.

Have a good weekend everybody.


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