Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • CHANGE: Removed the list of public subgroups from the group home page, as it's a duplicate of what is shown in the Subgroups tab (which also has a better display of them).
  • CHANGE: Added more 'Sent from my ' lines to automatically strip.
  • SYSADMIN: Upgraded the second web server for more capacity.
  • SYSADMIN: Moved one of the two DNS servers to a different data center, for redundancy in case our main data center goes off-line.
  • INTERNAL: Moved the final part of the system, messages to karld, off the Redis-based queue and onto a nsq-based queue.
  • BUGFIX: I mispeled the word committed in several places.
  • SYSADMIN: Upgraded the backup database instance to double the memory/disk because we ran out of disk.
  • BUGFIX: There was a deadlock when two users viewed the same group calendar at the same time.
  • BUGFIX: Editing one event in a repeating event series created extra events.
  • NEW: 'All Posts By This Member' in group profile pages.
  • NEW: When a user changes their email address to an address taken by an account with no subs (or subbed just to updates@), we now let them take over that email address.
  • NEW: Moderators can now change members' email addresses.
  • NEW: Moderators can now edit members' signatures.
  • CHANGE: More updates to the Yahoo Group transfer process after I learned that many groups do not accept -subscribe email requests.

Have a good weekend everybody.


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