Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • BUGFIX: After editing an event, return to the same month on the calendar.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed updating a single event to a repeating event and converting a repeating event to a single event.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed privacy setting options for subgroups on the settings page.
  • INTERNAL: Upgraded Go compiler to latest version.
  • BUGFIX: Changed repeating parts of a repeating event were not saved.
  • CHANGE: Change 'Send Invite To Group' to default to checked, 'Send Notice to Group' default to unchecked when created a new event.
  • CHANGE: For repeating events with RSVPs, the link from the #cal-invite page takes you to a view event page that lets you select which instance to RSVP to.
  • CHANGE: Direct adds now contain a link to the normal /leave page instead of a special /directunsub page, for more consistency and to prevent spam filters from unsubscribing someone accidentally.
  • NEW: New Muting and Following section of help from J. Changed 'All Messages' to 'Individual Messages' Email Delivery option.
  • CHANGE: Text clarification in the confirmation email and when joining a group for the first time. Also, you can now set your password directly in the welcome screen from the confirmation email.
  • BUGFIX: For polls with answers that contained quotes, when editing the poll, the answers were chopped off.
  • BUGFIX: When viewing profiles groups with a subdomain in the Accounts view, the profile photo was sometimes broken.
  • NEW: Enterprise groups can use their Google Analytics code.
  • CHANGE: Viewing poll responses in the 'Answer' mode, we no longer page because that gave incorrect results. Also display total responders instead of responses, and we now display percentages for each answer.
  • CHANGE: Temporarily removed jump points on the overall Topics view because my algorithm was completely wrong and did not work.
  • CHANGE: Added Help link to top navbar.
  • CHANGE: Tweaked limits of email sending server to fix delayed email delivery.
  • NEW: When receives an invite to join a Yahoo Group, we automatically send back an acknowledgement that we received the invite.

Have a good weekend everybody.


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