Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • CHANGE: Moved expired topic from a member activity to a message activity.
  • CHANGE: Cleaned up the account billing page.
  • INTERNAL: Fixed internal esstreamer process to be able to deal with null columns.
  • NEW: An event can now have an event organizer.
  • NEW: With RSVPs, you can now request additional information from attendees.
  • NEW: You can specify a message that is sent to people who respond yes to events.
  • NEW: You can now lock an event, preventing people from changing their responses.
  • NEW: You can now sort RSVPs by either who responded first, or alphabetically by name.
  • CHANGE: Reformatted the Add Event page to be more consistent with the rest of the site.
  • INTERNAL: Rearchitected how we page through topics to make that process much faster.
  • SYSADMIN: Added another web server to deal with the new extra load.
  • SYSADMIN: Changed our deployment procedures to not upgrade all web servers at exactly the same time, so that hopefully no one experiences the kittens during a simple upgrade.
  • CHANGE: In the Files section, always show the New Folder and Upload File buttons but disable them if you can't do those actions.

Have a good weekend everybody.


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