Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • CHANGE: Clarification in the help on hashtag behavior.
  • CHANGE: Changes to /leave link behavior:
    • If you click on a leave link and are logged in as someone else, you are logged out.
    • If you are logged out, you are not then logged in as the person the /leave link belongs to.
    • If you are logged in as the person the /leave link belongs to, you are still logged in.
    • I re-ordered the buttons for leaving, putting the 'Leave Group' button last.
    • The email address of the account is now displayed on the page.
  • BUGFIX: The Vote link in poll messages didn't work for some people without permission to add a new poll.
  • CHANGE: Much more accurate count of total search results when using the 'collapse topics' option.
  • BUGFIX: When trying to view a deleted event, now show a banner explaining it's been deleted.
  • BUGFIX: Couldn't approve a pending message from someone who has already unsubscribed and when the group is set to moderate new users.
  • CHANGE: Column hiding when viewing a table is remembered as you page through the table. Also the buttons look nicer.
  • BUGFIX: The /updategroup and /deletegroup API end points returned invalid_permissions when they should not.
  • BUGFIX: We were not processing some bounce emails that were marked as being autoresponder messages.
  • INTERNAL: Gathering SPF responses on inbound messages for testing/possible future use.
  • CHANGE: Changed format of ICS files to try to fix erroneous timezone problem with a couple of calendar programs.
  • CHANGE: When creating the #guidelines hashtag when sending the group guidelines, set Mods Only Post and Mods Only Reply to true, and if the guidelines should be sent special, set the tag to Special as well.
  • CHANGE: Wording changes to help and group notices.
  • INTERNAL: Using the search cluster for viewing messages by month/year to take load off main db.
  • NEW: Search results have the topics actions dropdown when viewing collapsed topics.
  • BUGFIX: Search results were displayed incorrectly when summaries had HTML unsafe characters.

Have a good weekend everybody.


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