Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • INTERNAL: Better tracking of which mechanism a user is added to the system, to aid in spotting shenanigans.
  • SYSADMIN: Added a lot of storage to increase the amount of historical logs we can keep.
  • INTERNAL: Work on converting to elasticsearch 7.
  • INTERNAL: Optimizations to the change data system that ingests data into the elasticsearch cluster. We were replaying a lot of old LSNs after each restart that we didn't need to.
  • CHANGE: In the email announcing a pending subscription, change rejected to deleted to explain what happens after 14 days.
  • SYSADMIN: Added an additional 6 nodes to the search cluster because searches were taking too long.
  • BUGFIX: After searching/finding a photo, the Download button did nothing.
  • BUGFIX: Viewing the Emailed Photos album using any sort order other than Posted would lead to the wrong order when viewing individual images.
  • CHANGE: For Enterprise SSO, first redirect through the domain, then to the SSO provider, like we do with Facebook/Google.
  • API: Added start_time parameter to /downloadarchives endpoint.
  • API: Updated docs on /updategroup endpoint, adding some missing parameters.
  • NEW: New premium feature, Send Invites On Join, sends an ICS file of all calendar invites when someone joins a group, and sends an ICS file of cancel notices when someone leaves a group.
  • BUGFIX: Re-write of how we were generating calendar ICS files to clean up some technical debt but more importantly to generate more correct files in regards to repeating events. Previously the ICS files just contained single events for each instance of a repeating event instead of specifying the repeating event itself. This led to issues when cancelling events, both via ICS files as well as when someone tried to delete an event in their (third party) calendar.
  • BUGFIX: Flash notices (like 'You are not allowed to create any more groups today') were not displayed in some instances when your home page was /groups.
  • CHANGE: A group that is not restricted can no longer have Members Visible set to Subscribers, unless it is a subgroup and the parent group is restricted. This is prevent email address harvesting.

Have a good weekend everyone.


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