Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • INTERNAL: More work on the API webhooks system.
  • CHANGE: When forwarding a message using the Mac email client (and maybe others), it takes the forwarded message, encloses it in a blockquote and adds at the top 'Begin forwarded message'. Because it was in a blockquote, we were collapsing it. This was not good behavior, so we now look for this special case and don't collapse that blockquote.
  • API: Added open_donations_visible to perms object.
  • API: Added hashtags_visible to perms object.
  • API: Removed view_archives from perms object.
  • API: Changed view_guidelines to guidelines_visible in perms object.
  • API: Added subgroups_visible to perms object.
  • API: Added perms field to member_info object.
  • API: Added new Subs array to user object.
  • API: The member_info object now only returns the fields that are set by the endpoint. Previously it returned all fields, regardless of whether the fields were set or not (some endpoints won't set all the fields based on permissions).
  • BUGFIX: When dealing with a message from someone not a part of the group, who has DMARC p=reject set on their domain, use their name in the From line (ie Mark Fletcher via Previously this was blank.
  • CHANGE: When banning a member of a group, we now generate a past member object for them so they properly appear in the past members list.
  • CHANGE: Added autocomplete="off" to email fields when viewing a member and when viewing your account information to prevent the browser from changing the fields.

Have a good weekend everyone.


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