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Support & Discussion of G4IDE's UI-View

Support and discussion of UI-View software by Roger G4IDE (SK). UI-View32 can be downloaded from http://www.ui-view.net.
Posts should include your call sign. Please stay on topic. If you must post an off-topic message on other amateur radio related matters, please mark the posting OT and request direct replies. Sales messages should NOT be posted.
********** Important - Please read **********
UI-View32 must be registered. For registration, go to http://www.apritch.co.uk/uiv32.htm. Return to the site later to collect your registration details as they are not supplied by email.
The registration procedure should be used for new registrations as well as for lost registrations and if you have changed your call sign. If re-registering, do NOT send an email to your previous registrar. Registration also provides your APRS validation number to allow you to connect to an APRS server. 
UI-View32 can be used on Windows VISTA, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. However, it should not be installed below Program Files.
"Precision Mapping 9.0" and "PMapServer 9" have the advantage of installing without hassle on Windows 7/8. PMapServer 9 is available for download at http://www.ui-view.net. Precision Mapping software is a separate purchase and should be viewed as a very useful add on rather than required for UI-View to work. It provides  street level mapping for North America - USA, Canada and Mexico. However, Undertow is no longer selling the software!
The default APRS Server list which comes with UI-View needs tp be updated. Many servers in that list are no longer available. To update the list in UI-View, go to File and click on "Download APRS Server List" and remove the default URL (which is also out of date) and instead enter...           

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