Karen's broken leg+


(Thank you, Harry, for changing the Subject.)

Yes, Karen's leg may be broken, but apparently nothing breaks her spirit!

Small update: I had a very brief 58-1/2 minute chat with Karen Friday.  Despite the cast from right foot to just below her knee, despite the absolute prohibition to touch the floor at all with her right foot (lest the forbidden weight-bearing interfere with the healing of the ankle-related injury), despite feeling less than 100% graceful as she learns to perambulate to the therapy gym by alternately hopping and moving her walker forward, despite being in a rehab facility--she's in fantastic spirit!  She made jokes, she laughed at jokes, she described her new routine (which includes using a long-handled grabber to put a sock on), and she (proudly) caught me up on Tommy's and Peter's situations.  (Both are, of course, doing very well.)  If I hadn't known what had happened or where she is, I wouldn't have known what had happened or where she is!

...which is, by the way: Shrewsbury Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, 40 Julio Drive, Shrewsbury, MA 01545...and it does appear she'll be there at least a while longer.  She has no email access there so she likely won't see your messages until she's home, but she does have her cell phone, so if you have a few minutes (not necessarily 58-1/2) and want to say hi and be impressed by her attitude, give her a call.  You'll be amazed!


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I started out writing this message to TT in response to a fun baseball topic, but realize it is mostly about Karen's current horrible injury and so I am copying the group.

Karen says Hi from her bed in rehab for her obvious heroin, crack and meth addictions -- 8-)  (That was a shocker part for TT's and other "guy's" amusement.)

No, she hooked her foot under the opening beneath the antique cherry dresser in our bedroom on her way to the bathroom, and not only broke her right tibia but also wiped out her ankle and the related tendons. ARGH!!! After the ER staff couldn't get her up on crutches about eight hours later she was sent to the local rehab place where she has been for the past four days, with no end in sight. Today, they tried to get her to go up enough stairs so that she could come home, but she's not able to do that yet.

It's a horrific injury, and may require surgery. I'm working on finding and having installed the needed grab bars and other mobility-related gear. Thank goodness we still have the safety gate at the top of the stairs! We'll now have to take the padding off and make it a positive latch once again. I thought the gate that protected our toddler children was going to be for some future grandchildren, but now it's purpose is much more immediate.

Meanwhile, this sucks!!!

Anyway, Karen and I are back to our old courting days, watching TV together across distance by phone. It was much more expensive back in the 80s, but our separation was much more expansive too. Phone calls are much less expensive now, but just like then, I just want her next to me. Some of you might remember that Karen and I fell in love watching "Moonlighting", but tonight it was just the storied Red Raiders vs. the mighty Horned Frogs. It still worked, in the way it always has. 8-)

She's allergic to flowers, so please just think happy thoughts and send an e-mail.  (I can't even bring her a red rose anymore! Argh!) Her private email is: karenkunz@....

The Physical Terrorist told us that it could be a week or more before she can come home. Here's hoping he's wrong! (He's probably right, though. This is a particularly bad injury, and while most of you are exactly as young as you used to be, some of us are not.)

Love and hugs to everyone there from everyone here,

Otto and Karen

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