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Note: this Group is the successor to the Yahoo TWSAPI Group. The entire contents of that group, including all posts, files, and pictures and all active user accounts were transferred here in January 2017.

This Group's purpose is to exchange information and ideas about Interactive Brokers TWS API.

All users of Interactive Broker's Active-X, Java, C++, C# and Python APIs, and Excel DDE VBA are welcome.

Note: if you have a question about IBC or IBController, don't post it here: use the IBController User Group at

New members please note that your posts will be moderated until we know that you are genuine. This means it may take a while for them to appear, because a moderator may not be immediately available (especially outside UK office hours). So please be patient, and don't repeat a post because it hasn't appeared yet.

This Group is not intended for advertising products or services, for recruiting staff, or any other commercial purpose.

Members who are in some way affiliated with a product or service that has a direct relationship to TWS API may include a simple link to it in their signature when they make a genuine post that conforms to the Group’s purpose, but this should not contain any marketing slogans, logos, pictures, diagrams, etc.

Where a product or service exists that could directly provide a solution to a member’s problem, it is acceptable to mention and link to the product or service in the body of a post, but do not include logos, slogans, etc. If you are affiliated with the product in any way, please state the nature of that affiliation.

Individual members who want to use the TWS API but who do not have the necessary programming skills, and are willing to pay a group member to do the work for them, may ask for assistance from other Group members: please provide as much information about your requirements as you can, include your email address explicitly in the post, and ask members to reply directly to you rather than via the Group.

Users who infringe these rules will be considered to be spamming and may be banned without notice.

We are not affiliated in any way with Interactive Brokers

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