Welcome (reprise!)

Dave Kowalczyk

To all:

  Welcome to the new forum! 

  When I first wrote "CNC" (the forerunner to TurboCNC) in '94 I was just trying to save a bit of time making tool steel dies in my side business.  The only user at the time was me.
  25 years later it's in use globally with something on the order of 10,000 users, running essentially every kind of motion control gadget from full size robots and motor winding machines to the basic 2-axis lathes it was originally written for, and at least one of those is a "household name" company who bought a license in 2017.

  I'll try to run the new group fairly loosely as before so that all of you, the software users, can share and learn from each other without undue interference.

  I have no intentions of quitting the software products or their support, and it's my hope that as we begin this fresh chapter that we can continue to encourage and guide each other.  Questions and comments are invited!

  Art E, whom you already know, is co-moderator again as well.

-Dave Kowalczyk


Thank you, Dave...