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Train Collectors Association (TCA) Mission: to develop an appreciation of and to preserve an important segment of history–tinplate toy trains–through research, education, community outreach, fellowship, establishment of collecting standards, and to promote the growth and enjoyment of collecting and operating toy, model and scale trains.

Toy Trains Mailing List (TTML) is the official TCA sponsored, maintained and owned forum. It was founded in 1996 by the late Ron Morris (HR 70-3178). TTML was created to provide a platform where enthusiasts, both TCA members and the public, can discuss, inquire, and share knowledge about the collecting, operation and history of toy trains. Please observe the following guidelines:

1. TTML is not a buy-sell-trade list.
2. Toy trains and related topics are the sole focus of discussion.
3. TTML is a moderated forum. Messages are reviewed prior to posting. Please keep all postings concise and to the point. The moderator’s function is to facilitate operation and to ensure that posts adhere to TCA's mission statement and TTML guidelines. If a submitted post is deemed unsuitable, it will be referred to a review committee. The review committee’s decision to accept or reject a questionable post is final.
4. No flames, personal attacks, profane or abusive language are allowed.
5. TTML is not a forum for discussing TCA governance or policies, or for airing grievances against the TCA, the TTML, vendors, or individual hobbyists.
6. Every post must include a valid signature, defined as the author's real first and last names.
7. Any link in a signature must include a toy train related site.
8. Violation of above guidelines can result in suspension of posting privileges.

PLEASE NOTE: Views and opinions expressed are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the TCA.

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