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This great Mind of all Buddhas;
Not standing still, not moving,
solid as a mountain wall,
swift as a lightning flash.

Welcome to The Zen Sschool of the Unborn Mind .

Following the ancient Lankavatarist Chán Tradition of Mind-Only,  we hereby invite you to join our school/discussion group of The Unborn Mind [UBM].
Originally Ch'an meant dhyana emerged from its derivative ancient translation  "dhyan", "dzyan" or janna (sanskrit), meaning contemplating Mind of Undivided Light, dwelling in the undivided light of noble wisdom,  and not merely zazen or plain sitting meditation as many think today. 

The protectors of this ancient teaching were usually known in ancient China as dharma dragons eg. teachers of the Mind´s true nature which to most beings is a mystery, extremely hard to recall as such, due to vast amounts of obstructing impurities, all derived from endless experiences/impressions 
Such teachers were considered extremely rare and often called  Mind Masters, or simply,  Black dragons.
Although the discussions and teachings here are mainly connected to original Chán [Zen] Buddhism, we do also study and discuss closely related philosophies that chimes with the true Dharma. You may wish to visit the "File" and "Database" area of the group where there is a wealth of information which you are welcome to peruse at your leisure.

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