The Investigators is a professional forum for those in the investigation and security professions; and related fields (forensics, process serving, skip tracing, bounty hunting, etc.). The first purpose is to enhance our various state and national associations memberships, and support the associations who keep us all in business.

This is the FIRST investigative group on - and is the largest, restricted to PIs only and vetted. There is too much abuse and irresponsibility - and complete like of privacy - on social media, and is not an area for professional forums or confidentiality to our profession.

This is designed to be a self-moderated group of professional investigators in the private sector.  Those that cannot reach to that professional level will be warned and then removed, or suspended for a period of time. Thankfully it is very rare - Thank You.

This group is to network, build professional relationships, share stories and advice - all the things that listserves did many years ago, but has lost for various reasons.  It is NOT a social media group. There is an expectation of privacy, confidentiality, and ethics. Almost any professional investigator is welcome - you must provide complete business and professional information (do I really need to explain this?).  Email me privately if you have any questions or concerns.  My only intent is for this to be a fair and supportive group.

Feel free to post:
- Your introduction (feel free to repeat in moderation)
- Services you offer and where
- Experience and other associations
- Goals, accomplishments and other bragging points
- Products and services
- Requests for assistance, guidance, looking for work, etc.
- Offers of assistance, guidance, etc.
- Association news, alerts, and events

What I would really rather not see - because they are prolific on other lists - requests for assistance that doesn't pay enough to pull out of the driveway.  We are all worth something, don't insult us.  Also, if you have a concern about the legitimacy of a poster - make an inquiry before blasting something insulting.  Finally, if it should be private - make it private (or warned and removed).

There is lots of room for jokes and banter - feel free to use moderation in sending messages, and also remember there is a delete key.  If you feel concerned, email me privately.

Bottom line - have fun, make friends, form a network, and act like this group is a combination of an association meeting, coffee meeting, happy hour, or other place you might chat with friends.  If you would share at the table, share here - if you would not, don't.  I do ask that you include a signature line - just like handing a business card.  Thanks, Dean A. Beers, CLI

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