For Marsha Schott: Clemence Mesdagh

Regine Brindle

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This is where Mieke sent you the marriage record

marriage act, he is a journalier and she is a servante (the french words mentioned from the act)"

Journalier is a day laborer and "servante" is the same as in english.  Probably means she worked for rich people in their house.
My grandmother did that before she got married.  She used to say She was "en service".  It sounded better than saying "servant"

Opening the record, I can see that it is daunting to look at
Let me see what I can do,

In the year 1857, on 5 Oct, at 9am, came before us Jacques Francois Draye, mayor, officer of the civil register of the town of Mouscron, arrondissement of Courtrai, province of West Flanders, 
Ivo MESTDAG, 41y old, "domestique" (servant), resident of Mouscron, born at Cruyshautem on 10 Jun 1816, bringing with him the death certificate of his mother,adult son of Leo, daylaborer, resident of cuyshautem, consenting to the marriage .... and of the late rose BAERK? who died in Cruyshautem on 13 Feb 1848
Barbe therese VERDONCK, 28y old, servant, resident of Mouscron, born at H? on 16 Nov 1828, adult daughter of Constantin, day laborer, resident of Meestert?, present and consentin to the marriage and of the late Isabelle Rose VERVRIEST? his wife who died in Meestert on 5 Apr 1854 ...
Witnesses are:
Pierre Mestdagh, 43, day laborer, groom's brother
Charles Louis Verdonck, 30, daylaborer, bride's brother
? Jean Baptiste ?, 43, game wardn
Louis Delescluse, 57

Might need tweaking, Mieke.