Re: How to find a soldier during 2nd war


Name: Paula Begge Repinec[Paula B Repinec][Paula Begge Tonglet]
Gender: Female
Race: White
Birth Date: 24 May 1922
Birth Place: Andenne Namu, Belgium
Death Date: 27 Apr 2003
Father: Marcel J Tonglet
Mother: Justine E Becques
SSN: 013406737
Notes: May 1965: Name listed as PAULA BEGGE REPINEC; 02 May 2003: Name listed as PAULA B REPINEC
That's the girl i suppose?

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Onderwerp: Re: [thebelgianresearchers] How to find a soldier during 2nd war
I found a marriage between an american man and a girl from Andenne in 1945. He was a soldier. But how can I find informations about him ?
His Wife is Paula Tonglet

Charly Repinel probably coming from Lansford, Pennsylvania


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