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The death act of charles at Ghent on 09/03/1939 attached.

Op 3 feb. 2021 15:57 schreef "Regine Brindle via" <babette602001@...>:

Hello Roger,

I heard back from my friend Yvon.  He has a lot of questions and explains why the embassy would not be much help.

He sent me a link to this page.
WOW, what a terrific story!

He feels your answer should be found in his POW file.
Do you have this?

My grandfather was a Belgian POW during WWII and i was able to get a copy of this file without any trouble.

I also noticed that there was a reference on your father's obit site that his parents divorced.

The questions Yvon raises have to do with timing and the way things done back then.

As I am studying the Women's Suffrage question right now, I learned that US born women who married unnaturalized aliens lost their US citizenship.
The first thing the League of women Voters went to work on after the 19th Amendment was ratified (1920), was to ensure this would no longer be the case.
I am not sure exactly when this took place but before 1928.
So his question was whether or not your grandfather's naturalization occurred before the return to Belgium.
Were they considered Belgians or US citizens?
The Germans automatically deported the Americans, he says.
Since Arthur went to school in Bruges, it would seem they were not deported.

How did he return to the US? As an American citizen?

Yvon says the embassies can not do this search for people.

So...  I would check with Bruges to see if there was a record of a passport application there.
I believe the link Mieke shared last week would be a good place to start.

There is a list online but I could not find Arthur Galler.

Looking forward to hearing the story from you and yes we would love to place a summary of this account in our newsletter if you are so inclined to share.


On Monday, February 1, 2021, 2:55:34 PM EST, Roger Gallet <r_gallet@...> wrote:

Regine and Mieke,

Thank you both very much for all the information you provided; it was much more than I expected!  Thanks especially for my grandparents birth and marriage records.  They are among those requested by the Belgian Consulate, so that my Belgian citizenship can be officially registered.

One more document that I need is any Belgian document, such as a passport or other type of identification document, for my grandfather.  Any ideas on how to obtain something like that?

Best Regards,
Roger Gallet 

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