The 2022 Allison Wonderland Mock Hunt

Allison Wonderland

I know it's been quiet around here lately, but things are about to get going again for a while as the 2022 Allison Wonderland Mock Hunt is imminent. In fact, the first clue will be posted today at 5pm. As usual, the hunt will run for up to 12 clues or until found with each clue being released at 5pm. It will be hidden on public land in St. Paul. It will not be on a body of water, up a tree, indoors, on a roof, inside something electrical, on a steep hillside or anywhere else that would make you wonder if looking there might be a bad idea.

You can register for the hunt up until the release of the 4th clue for $10. If you do, you are entitled to the full $250 prize (maybe more depending on the number of registrations). You can also hunt for free and win $100. You can send the money to me via Paypal at AllisonWondrland@.... We're also having a gathering at Joseph's Grill tonight at 7pm where you can drop it off. You can also contact me for alternate payment methods.

The medallion is already out there somewhere. Now we're just waiting for someone to find it!