The 2021 Allison Wonderland Mock Hunt - Clue Explanations

Allison Wonderland

Clue #0
ust as the PP hunt ends, it's time to talk about the The Allison Wonderland Mock Hunt. 

As always, it has a certain fluidity to it. 

Kind of like when the PP Medallion was found after Clue 5 a few years back, I started mine the next day. 

Even April has played host some years going the other way. 

In this year's PP hunt things were on the shorter side. 

Since it would also be nice to actually have reliable snow for once, I'm going to start mine a bit earlier this year.  

Wednesday, February 17th will be the kick off day, going through the end of February. 

Remember, you'll be looking for the Allison Wonderland medallion. 

It will be in a park in St. Paul. 

The medallion will not be hidden indoors, underground, on a body of water, up a tree, near a steep hillside, inside anything electrical, or     anywhere else that is ruled out by the PP or would make you wonder if searching there is a bad idea. 

If you wish to participate, there are two ways you can do so. 

Number one, you can pay $10 to be a registered hunter and win the whole prize which should be at least $250.00. 

Get registered by sending it to me via Paypal at allisonwondrland@... or email me at that same address if you want to make another     arrangement. 

The other way to participate is as an unregistered hunter and if you find it you will get $100. 

However much is left from the registrations will get donated to another hunt in that case.

Every clue will get posted at 5:00pm. 

Clues will appear on The Allison Wonderland Group, the Cooler Crew Treasure Hunt Group on Facebook, and the Pioneer Press Treasure Hunt     Group on Facebook. 

Likely they will get cross posted to other groups too. 

Until the medallion is found, contact the cluewriter at your own risk it's not my job to help you. 

Evidently we won't be having a kickoff party this year, though we could maybe do a zoom if people want.

So anyway, that's the plan and let me know if you have any questions.


It’s the White Rabbit Quest - At my behest

Let’s renew our treasure hunt banner

Go out and have fun - he won’t be outdone

And remember it’s just her manner

Renew our treasure hunt banner references the fact that I decided to use a previous hiding location. He won’t be outdone references just her manner, which anagrams to Arthur M Jensen, who found the very first Pioneer Press treasure chest at this location.


Back in school, I thought physics was cool

The rabbit saw the route to the dough

The classes were rough, with equations tough

To Finish first seek a two to ten ratio

Arthur Jensen discovered the treasure chest on February 1st, 1952 at 2:10pm. The mention of physics is a vague reference to time. 


Chuck died that year, but don’t load your Tears

One of his men arrived at the scene

When the hunt seems odd, don’t Ax the sod

Neal took over and kept things clean

This intentionally difficult clue references three St. Paul police chiefs. Charles J Tierney, who died in 1952, and the fact that an officer gave the 1952 winner a ride, Neal McMahon, who took over for Tierney, and Todd Axtell, who is the current chief.


Boreas’ treasure’s brought great pleasure

To thousands does his royalty send

Fifteen hides that preceded finds

To park just look for the end

Refers to Lexington Parkway, which runs through parks that have been the locations of 15 Pioneer Press Treasure Hunts. Lexington also now dead ends as it reaches Highland Park. 


This tale of loot, should lead you to scoot

Near a road that many have traveled

Total finds plus one will lead to the fun

And have this important mystery unraveled

The Pioneer Press medallion has been hidden at Highland Park 6 times. 6+1=7, for 7th Street. Unraveled makes reference to the fact that to find the medallon you will have to unravel a giant yarn pouch. 


Mark, replot, respect how hunters get hot

Yet many others play mainly tin golf

It’s chatroom fun for both old and young

Just mix some letters to solve

I dislike anagrams, but decided to mix it up this year and use several. Mark replot anagrams to Mark Portel, respect how anagrams to Peter Schow, mainly tin golf anagrams to Longtin Family, and chatroom anagrams to Tom Roach. All are past winners of the PP hunt at Highland Park.


While under the snow, a golden glow

Might be present at a cloudless sunset

Take some direction for treasured perfection

And keep a close eye on the jets

The treasure is buried under the snow, and at a cloudless sunset the apartment building visible to the northeast has a golden glow. Direction refers to the fact the treasure is hidden on a point, and the mention of jets makes reference to the fact Highland Park is near the airport.


Treasure hunt fame is the name of our game

Past winners are brought to the front

Look south of the city, Ville-Marie so pretty

And the spirit is there to be won

Refers to the fact you need to look south of Montreal at a past hiding place


Oyakawa, Scholes, and Kanno won gold

Stassforth won Silver with stories untold

The Daughter of the Baltic leads one to succeed

This moment in time is what you’ll need

References US Olympic swimmers who competed in the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki, Finland. The treasure chest in 1952 was found near the current Highland Park swimming pool.


Clue number twelve from fifty two

Helps us spell out what to do

In case your domain is in the dark

Look east of the pool at Highland Park

Pretty self explanatory. 


East of the pool is a single trail

Through the woods but don’t despair

At the end of the trail and to the left

You’ve cleared the point if you are deft

Leads you to the location of the treasure


Highland Park will lead to the mark

At the site where it all began

Arthur was there and dug with care

He found it and became the man

Search by the pool and you’ll stay cool

East on a trail will get you hot

Left on a point an incline annoints 

The chest and it’s contents are sought

Gives the exact location of the treasure.