The 2021 Allison Wonderland Mock Hunt - Clue #5

Allison Wonderland

Medical emergencies have been resolved. We now resume our normal programming.

Here is the new clue:
Clue #5
This tale of loot, should lead you to scoot
Near a road that many have traveled
Total finds plus one will lead to the fun
And have this important mystery unraveled
And the previous clues:
Clue #4
Boreas’ treasure’s brought great pleasure
To thousands does his royalty send
Fifteen hides that preceded finds
To park just look for the end
Clue #3
Chuck died that year, but don’t load your Tears
One of his men arrived at the scene
When the hunt seems odd, don’t Ax the sod
Neal took over and kept things clean
Clue #2
Back in school, I thought physics was cool
The rabbit saw the route to the dough
The classes were rough, with equations tough
To Finish first seek a two to ten ratio
Clue #1
It’s the White Rabbit Quest - At my behest
Let’s renew our treasure hunt banner
Go out and have fun - he won’t be outdone
And remember it’s just her manner